Artificial intelligence

HBBS prides itself on working with some of the greatest minds in Artificial intelligence . This includes development in cutting edge technology with FPGA chip design, utilising unique patent and development know how. The company is working in partnership with some of the largest companies in the field such as Xilinx and Micron.

The company also works in a similar capacity with emerging technology developers of advanced biometric solutions such as Aurelius, a triple biometric, fingerprint and facial biometric engine powered by AI. HBBS works towards integrating the solutions into security platforms and utilising it’s use for access and authentication protocols at all levels of administration. The technology is also integrated as a unique KYC layer for international banks and Ministry of Defence departments.

AI is also utilised for chatbot integrations in our Mobile Applications and forms part of the system architecture in banking and fintech applications. Our AI capabilities are added to by our specialist FPGA programmers who are experienced in programming in Veriplog and VHDL  programs for a range of algorithms and user cases