Artificial intelligence

HBBS prides itself on working with some of the greatest minds in Artificial intelligence and machine learning. The range of applications powered by AI that the company are involved in either by exclusive distribution, or proprietorial development are both wide and diverse. They are as unique as Aurelius, a triple biometric, voice, fingerprint and facial biometric engine used by Ministry of defence departments.

To our FPGA platforms which are unique in their capabilities for parallel processing of information at speeds several times faster and with more efficiency than any other solution currently available.  

Our VHDL lab is available for customised algorithms, covering anything from linear regression to deep neural networks. With hardware solutions, that manage workload applications ranging from reinforcement learning to automated vehicle compliance.

HBBS consult clients on the impact of artificial intelligence on their core business and how they can change their business model, for what we believe will become a paradigm shift in the way the world interacts on a daily basis. Nothing will be sacred, as the proliferation moves from its present utilization, to more invasive analysis and applications.

Preparation and advance knowledge of applications that can assist in all fields of industry, will be of priority to those most informed.