Cyber security

HBBS Solutions GmbH are the global distributors of the pioneering Cyber security umbrella Blue shield.

This platform is the only end to end protective DNS shield powered by AI and working using behavioral analysis as opposed to the list matching of present day Open DNS solutions.

With no API integration necessary, the protection can start within minutes with no signed agreement required for a POC. Unlike Open DNS, the platform utilizes artificial intelligence to monitor threats in real time, using predictive and evolutionary algorithms to recognise anomalies via behavioral analysis. This as opposed to checking pattterns and known lists and signatures, creating lag and dangerous gaps in coverage. For the first time clients can watch attacks in real time as they occur and understand all of the malware, phishing and cyber threats that are targeting their network.

With a unique zero day prevention record of malware and command and control traffic, our clients  have the value of twenty four hour monitoring, but still with 99.9 % of service uptime. Fully GDPR compliant and noted for a special privacy layer, non existent in most Open DNS solutions. The platform only logs blocked incidents, which are displayed on their state of the art dashboard for 30 days before being removed.

Hailed as the platform of the future for cyber security control, Blue shield is presently unchallenged in the market place and is the fastest selling solution to both small and large scale companies worldwide.