Blockchain development

Consulting on the various platforms and differences in the strengths and purpose of different blockchain providers. The company where necessary always advise the client on the best utilisation of resources for function.

Information garnering

    •       Understanding the requirements of existing and new applications

    •       Defining the on and off chain requirements in line with the business

           objectives including smart contract formation.

Smart contracts are digital protocols created for validating conditions of a legal contract between two or more parties. Smart Contract Development can be developed for different platforms like Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, NEO and other networks. 

    •       Roadmap of the product

Technical design

    •       Create Data Flow diagrams

    •      Consider which emerging technology to include to

             streamline processes.

    •       Design the technical Architecture

    •       Document technical GDPR compliance requirements

    •       Create sprints and delivery milestones.


    •       Pre-alpha

    •       Alpha platform

    •       Beta platform

    •       Release Candidate

    •       Production